Mike Tyson’s son shows off his most brutal cars

True to the style of his father, Amir Tyson, he shone at the wheel of the most exclusive cars on the market. Without a doubt, a great fan of the automotive industry that does not go unnoticed. Swipe and learn more!

Mike Tyson has always known how to stand out on the road. With a bank account that came to be around 300,000,000 dollars, Kid Dynamite was able to show off the most exotic cars on the market. Without a doubt, his collection was and continues to be one of the most acclaimed. The particular specimens of him have stolen all eyes and we could not expect less from the feared ex-boxer.

Amir Tyson, like his father, is a huge fan of the automotive industry. Little Tyson did not miss an opportunity and is making a collection that steals all eyes. Specimens worth noting, with fabulous benefits. At Tork we show you the 3 most impressive models below:

1. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Amir Tyson with his Lamborghini.

As it could not be missing in the Tyson family garage, they have one of the most powerful copies of the Italian brand. This car gives off 770 CV of power and has an incredible V12 engine. Its market value around $518,000and is one of the most acclaimed vehicles by celebrities.

2. Maserati MC20

Amir Tyson with his Maserati.

Continuing with his outstanding taste for Italian brands, Amir has this beautiful Maserati. This vehicle has a V6 engine and reaches a top speed of 325 km/h. A luxurious car that gives off a power of 621 CV. Its price around $275,000in its cheaper versions.

3. Bentley Bentayga

Amir Tyson with his Bentley.

Continuing with his collection in white, Amir has this elegant Bentley. A model that offers an image of luxury and exclusivity at the highest level. In addition, it has a V8 engine and gives off a power of 542 CV. Its market value around 250,000 dollarsin its cheaper versions.

As we can see, Mike Tyson’s son is passionate about sports cars and power. A faithful reflection of the tastes of his father and already has a collection worthy of envy that brings together a significant million. The love for engines is still on the surface in the family of the legendary boxer. And what do you think of this collection?

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