Miki Nadal supplants Carlos Sobera and “sinks” Valeria Ros

The Zapeando collaborator has turned the La Sexta program into his particular “Who wants to be a millionaire?” asking his classmates questions about other celebrities.

the comedian james corden He has been involved, days ago, in a controversy from which he has tried to stay out of it. The comedian has been criticized for his alleged “arrogant and abusive” behavior in a well-known New York restaurant. After this, in zapping They did not want to miss the opportunity to “use” this matter. “He is not the first famous nor the last who has behaved like that unpleasant way with the people. Right, Dani?, he began by saying Mike Nadallooking askance at the presenter of The sixthDani Mateo.

While everyone at the table laughed at the comment of the sapperMateo himself resigned himself, assuring that “I’ve been putting up with this man for 20 years and I don’t know why.” However, Miki has remained oblivious to this comment to introduce his section Who wants to be nasty?based on the legendary program Who wants to be a millionaire? that popularized Charles Sovereign.

“What a lot of people there are out there, I’m majísimo”

“I am going to make each of you a question with four options and you will have to accept the famous or anecdote that starred“, begins by introducing Miki this mini contest, in which he faces his table companions. “I know who is“, said Dani without having started yet. The questions were very varied and the first to break the ice was valeria rosewhich touched him guess the name of a celebrity after the following question: “What an Oscar-winning actress refused to sign an autograph to a war veteran wheelchair bound and yelled at him in the middle of the street?

Among the options was meryl streepwhich was the answer chosen by the collaborator, which ended up being incorrect, being disappointed, well the correct choice was Sandra Bullock. Then it was the turn of Thai’s Villaswho had to answer an anecdote about Justin Bieber and his concert in Oslo. When asked what the singer did on his 2015 tour, the collaborator was right, pointing out that “he left a concert because a fan touched him“. An answer that is right, yes, with a little help from Dani Mateo.

After finishing this mini contest, the presenter of The sixth wanted to apostille, defending himself of the accusations towards him, which mark him as “unpleasant”: “What people there are out there, not like me who is majestic!“, He pointed out without believing it.

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