Mila Kunis opened up about working with Kutcher on That 70s Show 2

That 70s Show actress Mila Kunis has opened up about the difficulty of working with her husband again on the series they met on.

Mila Kunis She is known for interpreting in the 90s a Jackie Burkhart in That 70s Show. The sitcom had 8 seasons with 200 episodes and its cast was made up of Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, Wilmer Valderrama, Tommy Chong, Ashton Kutcher and her.

A while ago, it was confirmed that a sequel to the series is in the works and that it will feature a main cast in it. Kunis begins her role in the original series as Kelso’s (Kutcher) annoying girlfriend who is later accepted by her group of friends and they form a great friendship.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher and Kunis met in the series but it was many years later when they began to be a couple. Mila Kunis spoke about how strange it was for her to work with her husband: “My husband and I are in the sequel together, which is weird because we shouldn’t have been. My character would be with Fez -Wilmer Valderrama-. And I was like: why are you and me together? Also, he was reportedly married when she ended the 1970s to Shannon Elizabeth’s character named Brooke Rockwell. And now, 16 years later, Kelso and I are married with a son, which seemed strange to me in history.”.

It made me feel very uncomfortable acting with my husband. He’d look at my husband while we were doing a scene or rehearsing, and he’d be like, oh my gosh! This is how you look when you act. It is very strange to be in the place where we met. We walked on set and I was like: Oh this is weird!” Kunis added.

What do you say, cinephiles?

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