Mila Kunis: “Perfect moms, don’t read”

When he read the script, his first thought, he says, was: “Finally! With the terrorist fuss that you see on some blogs for mothers, it is the perfect time for a film like this ». Thousands Kunis speaks with knowledge of the facts: with her husband Ashton Kutcher she has a two-year-old girl, Wyatt Isabelle, and a boy will soon arrive.
“It was a friend who handed me the script. Even though I liked it a lot, I didn’t think about it anymore. Three months later I received a phone call: “Would you like to participate in the film?”.

At that point I met Jon Lucas, one of the directors (with Scott Moore, ed), and I said to him: “You are a benefactor of humanity. If you want me, I am there ”».

The result is Bad Moms – Very bad moms. Did she ever act like her character?
“I’ve been a mother for two years and everything is pretty good, but it’s not easy. Someday, Wyatt must have been seven or eight months old, we drive to visit Ashton on set. Moving a few months old baby for a couple of hours is like going on a trip: in view of everything that can go wrong, you have to load an avalanche of stuff. In addition, with the first child – with the second you do not think about it anymore – you are always there saying to yourself “oh my God, the worst will happen”, and then you take the world with you. I mean, I’ll load up and put Wyatt in the car. I almost high-five by myself, I was so good. After a while I’m driving on the highway and I think: “Come on, so far I’ve been really good”. Behind, absolute silence, so I take a look in the mirror to see if everything is ok. She is there happy as an Easter, only she does not have a belt. I’m darting, and Wyatt is there in her car seat, with nothing blocking her. I think I’m bleached. I pulled over, fastened my seat belts and left. It’s not a story I usually tell around. I keep it to myself, as a lesson I have learned. Luckily it went well. I swear as soon as I parked where Ashton worked, I burst into tears. ‘

When he saw the film, how did he react?
“He came to the screening for the cast, where we were all, and he liked it a lot. And anyway, if he didn’t like it, I’d lie, I’d tell you he didn’t see it. ‘

Comments on his interpretation? Didn’t he ever say, “Oh my God, you’re the same”?
«No, because he loves me and some things he would never dare to say to her. Also because, if he told her, he would at least risk separation, and maybe even divorce. Seriously, Ashton was so sweet. Behind us were Kristen Bell and her husband Dax, and also Christina (Applegate, ed) came with hers. We were all there with our beautiful hubbies. It was a very nice evening. ‘

Is she one of those patients with children or is she furious?
“I tell you what the greatest revelation was. At least for me, who in everyday life I have very little patience. I’ve always had little, and that’s my big problem. But have a baby, guys! That does change your perspective. In a moment you find yourself thinking: “Ok, I have to learn what patience is”. And it’s the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Because it doesn’t matter if my parents asked me to have more patience, it doesn’t matter if my husband asks me to have more patience: until I had a baby I never cared. Then all of a sudden you say: “I must have more patience”, and everyone replies: “But are you going? We’ve only been telling you this for twenty years! ”. Day after day, I become more patient. I always have to make a little effort, but it’s a beautiful effort. With a newborn you have to learn patience, otherwise you go crazy. It’s also a question of training: take a deep breath, stop for a moment, try not to burst. Trying to be a good mother made me improve as a human being. ‘


We talked about mothers. Do you have any advice for fathers?
“Fathers – and everyone else too – need to remember that we mothers put ourselves under enough pressure on our own. It is not necessary for others to do it too. It would be nice, every now and then, to be told: “You were good”. And I’m speaking from personal experience, because my husband is a wonderful man and father. I say this precisely because he is always the first to say: “You were very good today”. He does it without me asking, and it’s a pleasure not to have to beg for compliments from your partner. It makes you feel much safer ».

The full report on issue 41 of Vanity Fair on newsstands from Wednesday 12 October 2016.

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