Mila Kunis raises concern about her “different” face in these photos

Mila Kunis She is one of the most admired and successful actresses who has achieved a solid career in Hollywood, and also has a beautiful family next to her. Ashton Kutcher.

Although the famous one was away from the screens for a while, to dedicate herself to her children Dimitri and Wyatt, he’s back at work.

And it is that today premieres the film Luckyest Girl Alive starring her, and just for the premiere the famous caused controversy for her image.

Mila looked beautiful and radiant at the premiere in New York from the movie, but something about his face caught everyone’s attention and caused him to receive a lot of criticism.

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Mila Kunis is accused of “changing” her face and looking different at the movie premiere

Mila Kunis wore a very chic black blazer dress with a black tulle skirt, maxi boots in the same tone, and her hair was loose and long with sexy and elegant waves.

But, her face looked different, and her fans noticed the change, claiming that she didn’t even look like her.

“Mila doesn’t seem to look like Mila in these photos”, “what did she do, she completely changed her face”, “OMG but she was so cute and who knows what was done”, “I thought it was Megan Fox, I had to read to know that it was her”, “wow Mila looks very strange, she doesn’t look like her”, and “not another famous person who fell for touch-ups and disfigured her face”, were some of the criticisms received by the famous actress.

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Nevertheless, Others say that it may be a type of makeup, or a bad angle of the image.

And Mila is not the only one who has generated concern about her physique, because a few weeks ago Ashton also caused controversy by reappearing very thin.

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