Mila Kunis: this painful reason why she has odd eyes

This Sunday August 14 is a particularly important date for Mila Kunis since she celebrates her 39th birthday. The opportunity to come back to this handicap which made life hard for him for several years in the past.

From the career of Mila Kunis, many remember her role as Jamie Reliss in sex with friends, next to Justin Timberlake, or that of Lily in black swan with Natalie Portman. Over time, Ashton Kutcher’s wife has been able to support her position as an actress and producer in the world of the American seventh art. It must be said that her desire to succeed is surely due to her passion for comedy, which she discovered while doing theater at the age of nine, but not only.

Mila Kunis was also forged by an ordeal particularly striking that she had to go through in the past. Indeed, for several years, the ex-girlfriend of Macaulay Culkin suffered from chronic iritis, an inflammation of the eye causing severe pain and a considerable loss of sight. It was in 2011, with the magazine Cosmopolitan, that Mila Kunis had confided to having been blind in one eye for several years.

Mila Kunis blind in one eye: she talks about her operation

In the columns of our colleagues, Mila Kunis assured that nobody of his surroundings “didn’t know” of his sight problems. Luckily, her eye inflammation was eventually taken care of by a medical professional. Milena Markovna Kunis, her real name, therefore had to be operated on to be treated and finally regain her sight. “They opened my eye and put another lens inside,” confided the star, now cured. This “lens” is precisely what gives it a different color to each eye. Because no, just like David BowieMila Kunis was not born with the peculiarity of odd eyes, unlike other celebrities like Benedict Cumberwatch, Jane Seymour or Kate Bosworth.

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