Mila Kunis triumphs on Netflix with “The luckiest girl in the world”

Mila Kunis has managed to dominate the Top Global Netflix movies with “Luckiest Girl Alive”. She titled in Spanish “The luckiest girl in the world”, she has stood out on the platform with more than 43 thousand hours of viewings. The film is a dark and disturbing drama that touches on many current issues without delving into any of them.

Based on Jessica Knoll’s novel of the same name, “Luckiest Girl Alive” is directed by Mike Baker, who also helmed several episodes of the award-winning series “The Handmaid Tale.”

The plot of the book and the film, it is worth noting, are partially based on the traumatic story lived by the author of the aforementioned best seller, a fact that makes the story even more disturbing.

It should also be noted that the audiovisual has explicit scenes of sexual violence, so sensitive people should take their precautions when watching it.

What is the history?

The film focuses on TifAni FaNelli (“Ani”, played by Mila Kunis), a successful writer for a women’s magazine who, more than a reality, lives a simulacrum. She lives by appearances: she is to marry a rich man from birth, though she despises her kind; she hates not being able to eat carbs, but she gorges on them when no one is looking; she hates having to look happy all the time and she has flashes of ideas on how to murder your future husband, as she prepares her wedding.

Ani is also haunted by the school shooting she survived and decided not to talk about. As she is the only student who did not speak publicly about the event, some point to her as an accomplice in it.

When a true crime documentary forces her to confront her harrowing and traumatic school history, her facade of moral and intellectual superiority to everyone else begins to crumble without giving her much time to react.

More data

The film, which does not completely free itself from its original literary language, develops a large part of its story through flashbacks. Through them, the adolescent Ani (played by Chiara Aurelia, who does not look much like Mila Kunis), experiences the anxiety of not fitting in with her classmates at the private school where she received a scholarship.

In her attempt to stop being seen as an alien, she seeks to join the group in any way. A night of alcohol with her friends changes everything. In this context, Ani ends up being raped by her boyfriend and two of her friends. She manages to escape, in the midst of her daze. She made a sea of ​​doubts and anxieties, she decides never to talk about what they did to her.

And the performances?

“Luckiest Girl Alive”, which despite succeeding Netflix viewers has not received the favor of specialized critics, does not offer many moments for the actors to shine. Mila Kunis, who has shown in productions such as «back swan» being a more than solvent actress, she manages, however, to transmit the anguish, rage and pain repressed by Ani, in the scenes that allow her to do so.

Chiara Aurelia has more material to show her range, since it is in her timeline that the rapes and shooting take place. Jennifer Beals and Connie Britton also have their moments, although they are mostly wasted.

In conclusion

Although it is initially presented as a mystery thriller, “Luckiest Girl Alive” is actually an acceptance drama, in which a woman has to find a way to free herself from the prison that was created. For this she will have to learn to tell the truth, face it and live with its consequences. Now available on Netflix. Duration: 1 hour, 55 minutes.

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