“Milan built to win the Scudetto, they have top players”

Before the match against Milan, Thiago Motta, the Spezia coach, spoke at the press conference, starting with a comment on Sunday’s victory against Genoa: “I liked our behavior on the pitch, we played a serious game, with courage and ambition. In the first half we tried to attack and close, creating many actions. In the second half, as is normal when facing Genoa, they attacked us and we were good at staying together, defending ourselves and recovering the ball by restarting on the counterattack “.

Does scoring just one goal make you angry?
“I remain with the aspect of having created a lot, which in Serie A is never easy. Genoa have a defensive block that knows how to manage the moments and we have been able to create a lot. In the end, goals count, but it gives us enthusiasm and desire to improve: creating a lot is an interesting thing “.

You are back to 4-3-3: will it be repeated with Milan too?
“It depends on whom and against whom you can interpret. We did well with different modules, for the future we can change based on how we are and who we face”.

The group is cohesive.
“We are a team that did not have a normal start to the season. The covid, the problem in preparation, the many changes and the players arrived at the end. There was a need for time to get to know each other, there are guys who immediately integrate into the group and others that need more time. We can and must improve but this unity is important, I am very optimistic. We are a healthy group that wants to improve “.

Major and Manaj are in warning. Can they be preserved?
“We think from match to match, we think of Milan 100%. They are a team that is built to win the Scudetto and we must keep thinking from match to match, we will have time to prepare for the match with Sampdoria and the one with Salernitana. “.

What Milan do you expect?
“I expect the best possible AC Milan. Wearing a shirt like AC Milan, with a large squad and high quality players, when you have the opportunity to play, do what you know. They are level and quality players, we know we face the best Milan “.

How is Bourabia?
“Mehdi, like the others, is training very well. He is a great professional, we expect he will make a difference in midfield. He can recover a lot of balls, close the spaces, defend the area and like he did in Venice go forward and finish. action. He is a very complete player, we expect both to be 100% and make a difference. “

The battle for salvation has reopened.
“As our president said, the road is long and treacherous. We are aware that there will be complicated and delicate moments, we must stick together and do our best every day, for the good of the team, the club and the people who come to us. to see”.

How important will a full peak be against Sampdoria?
“We do this sport to have satisfaction for us, a group that deserves it, but it is undeniable that we do this job for our fans and for the people who love La Spezia and who come to support us even in the most complicated moments. how we had them and how we will have them in the future. Facing them together is important, five thousand can come and we hope they will all come, supporting the team and being proud of the guys. “

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