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Junior Messias mania, at Milan home. The former Crotone And Gozzano, protagonist of a fairy tale that tells us to believe in our dreams until the end, gave hope to the Devil in the Champions League, scoring at the Wanda Metropolitano against theAtletico Madrid and keeping the door open for the eighths. And to think that Maldini had already spotted him 5 years ago …

THE FIRST PROSECUTOR – Marcello Bonetto, first agent of the Rossoneri 30, tells a the Gazzetta dello Sport this market background, with Maldini who, in 2016, by going to see his son’s match in Serie D Christian, defender of the Pro Sesto, noted this number 7 of the Chieri: “Very strong, certainly the most talented in the field, in Series D is wasted “. This is the message of Maldini to Bonetto, which also tells the choice Gozzano in Serie D, when the Pro Vercelli, in B, was unable to register him due to bureaucratic problems: “We chose a team that would win the championship so that the leap into the professionals would become effective”. That team was Gozzano, who got the better of Como on the last day.

‘LIKE A SON’ – John too Stroppa, coach of the Monza, his former coach al Crotone, tells the emotions that this boy, born in Ipatinga but grown up in Italy, made him feel: “It was as if he had scored my son. Pioli is right: we haven’t seen anything about Junior yet, even though he’s 30 ”

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