Milare Vira sings along with her daughter Juliet touches the community

By their social networks, Milarai Veera A young second confirmed that he lived along with his eldest daughter, JulietWhere he displayed his nice musical expertise.

The former Chilevision cheerleader usually publishes tales on her Instagram account the place she options herself along with her offspring. Pranks, conversations and panoramas are a part of the content material that Monica Aguirre and Gervasio’s daughter share every single day.

On this event, the communicator and the younger girl wished to indicate the general public the duet that they had composed. The chosen music was “Driver licenseby Olivia Rodrigo.

Juliette was on the piano as always, while Milare Viera lent her sweet voice, inherited from his father. Despite the fact that she had to read the lyrics to the song because she did not know it, the duo’s interpretation captivated her followers. “My teen educating me Lolo songs,” he wrote alongside the video.

Who makes up the Milarai Veera family?

Milarai Veera has a family center which is very important to him. Let’s remember that she is the daughter of gervasioUruguayan singer who died in 1990, and monica aguire, the flagship national model. As a result of this marriage, he and three others were born, Yanara, Nahuel and Lincoyan.

In 2006, when she was 19, she began a relationship with Los Bunkers singer, alvaro lopez And they got married. Two years later, they welcomed their daughter, Juliet.

In 2012, after ending her marriage, she met with Deputy Marcelo DiazWith whom he did Sweet Celeste in 2017.

video | Milare Vira sings with Juliet

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