Milena Smith and Blanca Li, ambassadors of Cartier

      Talking about the panther is talking about the great hallmark of Cartier. Since its creation in 1914, and with a history linked to the figure of Jeanne Toussaint, this feline has become a symbol of the jewelry house, an object of desire and admiration.

      Despite maintaining the attractiveness, strength or movement of the panther inherited from Tousaint, the house has been renewing this symbol both in design and in use over the years in what has become possibly its greatest success, the Panthere collection. A wide range of impressive articulated sculptural creations that include everything from the classic and wild Cartier watch to necklaces, bracelets or rings.

      For this 2022 and with the firm intention of maintaining the vitality and freshness of the Panthère collection, the house has included new and feline pieces that on this occasion stand out for their remarkable flexibility and magnetism, they are “capable of unfolding without the need for hinges”, as Cartier rightly points out. Also, the image of the animal plays a crucial role because in each of the pieces it is possible to observe a face to face, a metaphor that represents the embrace of the body.

      cartier jewelry

      Courtesy Cartier

      We can see it both in the necklace and in the bracelet in yellow gold with octagonal spots of black lacquer or in white gold with diamond pavé and set with onyx spots. It is a curvaceous jewel that has two sculptural panther heads facing each other with eyes of emeralds or tsavorite garnets at their ends.

      cartier jewelry

      Courtesy Cartier

      A launch that has two new honorary ambassadors, the actress Milena Smit and the dancer and choreographer Blanca Li. Renowned women in different fields who stand out for their overwhelming personality and strength, hallmarks of the most emblematic collection of the house. Names that become part of a luxury family where we find Julianne Moore, Maisi WIlliams or Lily Collins.


      Blanca Li, ambassador of Cartier

      Courtesy Cartier

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