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Despite the fact that Shakira’s “catharsis” in her new song Music Sessions #53dedicated to her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, charmed more than one and was positioned in the first place of Spotify’s 50 Global Top in 24 hours, Flowers Miley Cyrus, who also hints at Liam Hemsworth, her ex-boyfriend, entered the competition and dethroned the success of the Colombian and Argentine rapper Bizarrap.

Shakira became a phenomenon with the catchy single that talks about some media issues after her separation with former soccer player Gerard Piqué, in addition to being named the “greatest debut in the history of music in Spanish” by the platform, without However, it seems that Cyrus took the letter of the famous seriously, because women “do not cry, women bill.”

The single from the Disney actress had, until Friday, 83,580,038 views on Spotify. Flowers It was classified by some American media as “revenge against his ex”, however, it is softer than that of the Barranquillera.

‘Flowers’ was cataloged by some American media as “revenge against his ex”, however, it is softer than that of the Barranquillera.

“I didn’t want to leave you, I didn’t want to lie, I started to cry but then I remembered. I can buy flowersexpresses the lyrics of the song. The issue came to light during Liam’s 33rd birthday which was celebrated on January 13.

Miley Cyrus’s new song is about empowerment and emotional maturity, as well as some references to her separation with Liam that occurred in 2020, just eight months after they celebrated their wedding. The famous was her partner for more than 10 years.

‘my own hand’

The theme also responds to some verses of When I was your man of Bruno Mars, a song that the actor enjoyed and that also played on the most important day of their lives. “I should have bought you flowers and held your hand”is heard in the Mars theme, while Miley would respond “I can buy myself flowers, hold my own hand and love myself better than you can”.

A fragment is even heard about the house they had in Malibu and it suffered a fire: “We were fine until we weren’t anymore, we built a home and watched it burn”. The original theme of Mars refers to the mistakes that a man makes during a relationship and how he expresses his regret after the inevitable breakup.

With the premiere of Flowersthe American also released the new album: Endless Summer Vacation with which he would announce a new stage of self-love. An advance that, according to various media, announced the “stronger and safer” version of the singer and that promises to have more intimate reflections on the path to her personal healing.

Despite the fact that the separation of Hemsworth happened a few years ago, as soon as the song reached the music platforms, the artist’s fans took care of looking for all the references in the lyrics about that fickle relationship of a decade, who had a short marriage after a long courtship.

Cyrus’ theme makes obvious references to the history of courtship, marriage and breakup, which has been the stuff of dozens of articles in gossip and gossip magazines around the world. A relationship is not a secret, complicated, problematic, becoming toxic and extremely passionate.

The couple began dating from a young age and after several years of relationship they decided to get married on December 23, 2018, in an intimate ceremony at their home in Nashville.

The years of living together were marked by Miley Cyrus’ anxiety, depression and alcohol addiction problems and Hemsworth’s habit of going out to bars and nightclubs and his taste for drugs and alcohol.

After these years, the topic Flowers it appears as a hymn for Cyrus to exorcise the demons of that relationship and try to overcome it with self-love.


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