Miley Cyrus is “pretty sure” she’s seen a UFO

An unexpected voice has been added to the deposition before the US Congress of three ex-servicemen who have assured that UFOs exist and that their government hides Miley Cyrus’ shipwrecks and alien biological remains.

The author of ‘Flowers’ claims to have seen a UFO. In a conversation with producer Rick Owens, he recalls: “I was driving through San Bernardino with my friend and some kind of UFO started following us.” Miley says the object resembled “a flying snow plough” and provides a description of its construction: “It had a large blade in front and glowed yellow.”

Miley states that she is “pretty sure of what I saw,” but adds that she bought marijuana wax that day from “a guy in a van in front of a taco shop.” Although she implies she was driving under the influence of the drug, Miley remembers that there were other witnesses to the flying object: “I saw it fly and my friend saw it too. There were a few other cars on the road too and they stopped to look too, so I guess what I saw was real.”

Cyrus says she was “panicked for five days in a row” after seeing UFOs but recalls that she did not feel threatened by the presence of the flying object at the time, despite the fact that she says she saw alleged alien driving. Had eye contact with. Craft.. “I guess that’s what really bothered me, looking into the eyes of something I didn’t know what it was.”

The topic of UFOs came up when Owens revealed that he had visited Area 51 shortly before his 57th birthday. The producer says he doesn’t believe in aliens, but feels “it’s a bit arrogant to assume there aren’t others out there.” Miley agrees: “It is a form of narcissism to think that we are the only thing that can exist in this vast universe.”

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