Miley Cyrus’ message in her video clip

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He’ll turn 31 in November, and he wanted to own the stock before that. In his new video clip, I used to be young Miley Cyrus has tried to make peace with her past and show optimism about the future. The theme is released with the release single soon Selena Gomez’s new and two former Disney girls have agreed to create a “healing” theme, as many of her fans describe her. with bodysuit Bright red and a Mickey Mouse shirt underneath (the inevitable nod to her past in the entertainment world), Miley Cyrus wants to show that she’s at peace with herself and that she doesn’t care about anything she’s experienced up to this point in her life. No regrets. , “This song is about honoring who we are, loving who we are and celebrating what we will become,” the singer explained on her Instagram account. “When I think about my past, I feel proud.” And when I think about the future, I feel optimistic.” with 213 million followers). Through her social network, Cyrus has made it clear how important the support of her fans has been to her nearly 18-year career, on screen and on stage, which began when she was just 13 years old, starring in the Disney it was done. youth series Hannah Montana. She further added, “I am grateful to my loyal fans, who make my dreams come true every day. I am sincerely grateful for the consistency of your unconditional support. This song is for you.” In the song’s lyrics, the artist shows that she doesn’t want to cheat anyone, she just wants to show how she is now, without hiding or accepting that she has changed. He expresses this at the beginning of the song with these words: “The truth is bulletproof, there’s no way to fool you, I don’t dress alike.” In them he noted a radical change from his image as a child idol and his oft-criticized stylistic choices. “Me and who you say I was have gone on different paths,” he insisted, making it clear that he has matured and is a different person now, while he continues to pursue his career. The episodes recount moments of craziness and criticism. But, alas, no regrets: “Those wasted nights weren’t lost, I remember them all. I know I used to be crazy, it was because I used to be young.” Throughout the video clip, the artist is shown in the foreground, excited and at times teary-eyed. In a note released through her record company, Sony, Cyrus explained that this was because she recorded the video involving her mother: “I was able to see her inside the camera using the technology that allowed me to see my mother. So I was able to see each other and as she danced, it made me cry, it made me laugh, it brought out so many real emotions and I think it Allowing people to feel real emotion, which I don’t think you see too much of these days.”

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