Miley Cyrus radically changed her hair and said goodbye to blonde hair. LOS40

New course, new look. But ask Miley Cyrus. The American star has decided to radically change her look this September. The interpreter of flowers wanted to say goodbye to blonde hair and return to her original hair color: brown. The singer, who has been blonde for many years, wanted to get her natural color back.

This Sunday, September 24, his Instagram followers were surprisedCyrus has shared the first photo of herself as a brunette in years. Cyrus appears with long straight dark brown hair tinted with dark red. Although it is too early to know, many of her followers have assumed that this change in hairstyle is linked to the beginning of a new musical era.

The truth is that it is very easy for Miley’s followers to adapt to her change in image. Especially when it goes from golden to brown and vice versa. The reason? An entire generation has grown up watching Hannah Montana, where a teenage Miley Cyrus showed us two costumes in the series. Who doesn’t remember that moment?

miley cyrus wanted to be brunette

The truth is that Miley Cyrus had been wanting to become a brunette again for a long time. American star explained to the media Today Who wanted to dye her hair black for the New Year’s Eve party she starred in for NBC: Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party, An evening in which her godmother was not missing: country singer Dolly Parton.

Dolly herself had advised him not to do this. Cyrus said, “I’ve never seen Dolly so scared.” “He acted as if I had given him the worst news you could imagine.”

Upon hearing the idea of ​​dyeing her hair brown, Dolly told him: “You can’t do that. You’re me.” That’s when Miley decided to stay blonde for a long time. Until this month of September, when he decided to return to his natural roots. That means chestnut.

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