Miley Cyrus, the inspiration for healthy living

Miley Cyrus She is the Girl of the Panorama, whose important motto is now flowers, peace and play. How life changes, ie how artists change. To me, in Miley, these motives for the good life immediately bring back memories of the bad life, which for her was an exercise in pure youth, as she says at some point. I want to say that Miley Cyrus wore a Disney tutu several years ago and then she started sticking her tongue out without any norms. Until recently, she’d be at the top of any cover because she’s a no-button blonde, or because she takes a mix of marijuana in MTV Delivery.

I don’t know if, strictly speaking, Miley likes Vice a lot or a little, but the fans love it. The girl rocks the networks, and whenever there’s a stir with the music scene, she goes and wins, but because the music in it is random. The cover has titled her “the new Queen of Scandal”, because she is a mix between Madonna and Britney Spears, only with less discography and, above all, with fewer years, which is like saying with new morbidness. The other two are already antiques.

The people who are now leading Miley’s career have discovered the same thing as ever: A girl who’s delightfully friendly still sells. At some award ceremony in Amsterdam, Miley previously posed with a version of the Lumiasca dress. Julia RobertsIn ‘Pretty Woman’. In other words, Amazon Sin’s boots and a ski mask are used as a miniskirt. I’m not going to say now that the girl has no photos, but, essentially, this is a determined soloist. This gives the impression that the girl has been disinherited by several people, and it is not entirely clear, although perhaps this is so, because consultants or promoters do not move around. It’s on the stage of sexypop, but I suspect erotomaniacs celebrate it before music lovers.

In the network I have already said that this is a vague object of desire, or rather not so vague, because what Miley sells is gesture inhibition and a few years of experience of an athlete sticking out his tongue too much. Sometimes they compare her to Madonna, and I think it works to Miley’s advantage, because she’s more of a cheerleader than an artist. If I get serious, Miley bores me like American porn. They’ve renamed their roll to “PornoDisney,” which we don’t quite know what it is, although we do know. It’s about a sweet girl who, after pursuing a career as Hannah Montana, sticks her tongue out a lot without any apparent criteria. It has Lolita charm, yes, but its excitement is not as such, but rather an intersection of marketing and training.

The day she would go out to collect the award dressed only in rags, it would become news because of an unusual novelty. I say this because with the speed at which we are moving with the pleasure of his image, there is little left to cut in the repertoire. We are before the usual, but a little more: an angel with the bottom of a prostitute’s wardrobe. Victory is certain. At some point, I thought Miley Cyrus was nothing more than a video with lots of poses, but it turns out no, the girl exists, and she also gives concerts that jump from being a happy creature to two hours. Is. Now he has turned to a contemplative life and yearns for sport. We need to believe in this.

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