Miley Cyrus: This is the disease that changed her voice

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Although the session Shakira with Bizarrap broke several world records on music streaming platforms and was the most streamed song on Spotify, Miley Cyrus snatched their place with her song “Flowers”, that sounds everywhere and already doubles its advantage over the other success.

The American singer, as the Colombian did recently with Gerard Piqué, displayed all her talent to express all her feelings through music and her vocal power. Those who have followed the singer’s career will have realized that her voice is deeper and broken, very different from the one she had when she played “Hannah Montana”.

Excesses and their consequences

The origin of this change in the tonality of his voice has its origin in a throat operation he underwent in 2019after receiving the diagnosis of a Reinke’s edema, which causes the vocal cords to swell, right in Reinke’s space, due to the presence of a liquid that favors this space to be soft and gelatinous.

When the vocal cords are healthy, they can vibrate cleanly. However, when they are swollen, the vibration is irregular, therefore, the edema causes hoarseness and changes in the voice to those who suffer from it. In severe cases, this condition can block the airways and affect breathing.

Among the most common causes for developing Reinke’s edema is voice abuse. Talking a lot, shouting or singing are actions that push the vocal cords to the limit. But, the main factor is smoking too much.

Reinke’s edema

In an interview for Joe Rogan, Cyrus explained that this condition prompted her to recognize how little importance she gave to her voice, since for years he led a lifestyle of using tobacco, alcohol and drugs. So she came to the conclusion that her habits had gone too far and were unsustainable in the long term: “I learned a lot about the voice and how our experiences affect our voice.”

To fully recover, the artist had to undergo surgery. In less severe cases, it can be treated with voice therapy, which consists of exercises and techniques to improve voice quality and reduce tension on the vocal cords.

Another of the treatments is with anti-inflammatory drugs focused on reducing swelling and inflammation of the vocal cords, but both options, with a profound change in lifestyle. After that operation, Miley Cyrus got a very characteristic voice of her, leaving behind her life of excesses. “I haven’t taken drugs in years,” she said in late 2020.

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