Miley Cyrus took a song from her ex just like Shakira

Miley Cyrus He released a song in which he brought up his feelings after ending his relationship with the actor Liam Hemsworth.

One of the Hollywood relationships that has given the most talk is the one that formed Miley Cyrus Y Liam Hemsworth intermittently for about 10 years.

In 2018, the American and the Australian married and in 2020 they divorced. Since then it is known that they have not resumed their romance.

The ex-girl Disney a few days ago released a song called Flowers in which he dedicated certain phrases to his ex-partner.

Miley Cyrus and Clara Chía dedicate songs to their ex’s

It should be noted that this happened one day after Shakira will launch Music Session #53 which, in the same way, was a dedication for his ex, Gerard Piqué.

The subject of the Colombian was breaking records and generating many reactions on social networks where they even criticized her for “ventilating” her love dilemmas.

But Miley’s single also expresses her feelings towards the actor in response to the song. When I Was Your Man of Bruno Mars that Hemsworth dedicated to him.

Now on the platform SpotifyCyrus dethroned first place Shakirabut on YouTube it continues to occupy second place behind the barranquillera.

Both musical themes that are added to the list of ‘singles’ that women singers dedicate to their ex-partners after sad breakups, which are classified as female empowerment and making it clear that “dirty clothes no longer need to be washed at home” and if possible with a broken heart it can be billed.

The most prominent artists who have won awards, money, applause and even criticism for writing songs for their exes are: Adele, Taylor Swift, Carol G., Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Rihanna Y Ariana Grande.

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