Miley Cyrus “traumatized” by the emergency landing of her plane

Miley Cyrus is still “a little traumatized” by the emergency landing she suffered earlier this year.

In March, the singer of Wrecking-Ball was flying to Paraguay to perform at the Asunciónico Music Festival when the plane she was traveling in was caught in a storm.

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She assured fans that she was fine at the time, but during an appearance on the Late Night with Seth Meyerson Monday, she admitted she was still haunted by the experience.

“It was really scary, I was on my mum’s lap because I was pretty sure the seat belts weren’t doing any good at this point…I was crying because I was scared, she said. It was very strange because the weather was unexpected. We had to make this emergency landing and we were in the middle of South America and I was actually on my way to a gig which by then had been flooded and canceled. There was a lot going on!”

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She then explained that her bandmates wanted to continue and go to Paraguay despite the bad conditions.

“(I said), ‘OK, no, we’re in the middle of the forest on a broken down plane. There’s flooding where we’re supposed to go, the scene is sinking,'” the popstar sighed.

Miley Cyrus and her team finally landed safely and stayed in Brazil for a few days.

“We were all a little traumatized,” she confessed.

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