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Songs Miley Cyrus dedicated to Liam Hemsworth, according to fans

‘Flowers’ is full of references to Miley Cyrus’s ex, according to fans

Some of the references they found have to do with the burning of the couple’s house in 2018, its great resemblance to the chorus of another song that his ex allegedly dedicated to him, as well as its release date.

This 2013 song undoubtedly became one of Miley Cyrus’s biggest hits, as it not only helped her get rid of the image of a Disney girl, but also led her fans to believe that it was for Liam Hemsworth.

The lyrics are about an intense heartbreak:

“I came in like a wrecking ball / Never hit myself so hard in love / All I wanted was to break your walls / All you ever did was break me.”

“I came in like a wrecking ball / I never hit so hard in love / All I wanted was to break your walls / All you ever did was wreck me”.

The reason why many say that it was dedicated to the next protagonist of ‘The Witcher’ is the date of its premiere: the same month in which they confirmed one of their breakups, after much media speculation.

One fact that not all fans may know is that the inspiration behind the tears that the singer shed in the music video for the song was not her ex, but her dog. This was stated by herself in April 2020:

“When I did ‘Wrecking Ball,’ everyone thought I was crying over my breakup. But actually I was crying for my dog ​​(who had just died). And the whole time I was filming, there was a picture of my dog ​​right under the camera.”

Miley Cyrus confirmed that ‘Malibu’ is about Liam Hemsworth

The truth is that not only the sadness of a breakup has inspired the 30-year-old artist. In 2017, she released a song about feeling safe and full in love.

After its premiere, she confirmed to ‘Billboard’ magazine that she wrote it with her now ex-husband in mind:

“I’m going to be talked about if I walk out of a restaurant with Liam, so why not put the power back in my relationship and say ‘this is how I feel’?”

Released in 2019, fans also found references to Miley Cyrus’ relationship with Liam Hemsworth in the song’s music video lyrics.

For example, one of the verses could refer to the fire that led them to lose their home in 2018:

“Once upon a time, it was made for us / Woke up one day, it had turned to dust.”

“Once upon a time, it was made for us / Woke up one day, it had turned to dust”.

At that time, multiple rumors were published that the Australian had problems with alcohol and drugs, something that the singer seemed to allude to in the clip (with shots of bottles, pills and parties) and with her words:

“I want my house in the mountains / I don’t want whiskey and pills.”

“I want my house in the hills / Don’t want the whiskey and pills”.

Additionally, in one part of the song, the ‘Hannah Montana’ star mentioned that it’s time to “move on, we’re not 17 anymore”. That was how old she was when they met on the set of ‘The Last Song’.

Miley Cyrus seemed to confirm in a 2013 interview with ‘Fashion’ magazine that this song was dedicated to Liam Hemsworth:

“I wrote it when I was working on Valentine’s Day, emotionally it was a difficult time, but it’s about needing to leave someone, but not wanting to completely detach from the relationship.”

Precisely, one of the verses of the song mentions:

“Guess I won’t have a Valentine / Send me roses, I’ll let them die / I was crazy thinking you were mine / It was all a lie.”

“But I guess I got no valentine / Send me roses, I’ll just let ’em die / I was crazy thinkin’ you were mine / It was all just a lie”.

In 2019, on the occasion of her then-partner’s birthday, Miley Cyrus wrote her an affectionate dedication (which she has now deleted), in which she talked about how she had supported her in her most difficult times.

In the same way, the lyrics of this song talk about how a couple continues to love and seek her even after she has disappointed her on several occasions.

In October 2013, the singer assured in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that “the entire album” was “about that” (her relationship with Liam Hemsworth):

“I think the fact that it starts with ‘Adore You’ and ends with ‘Someone Else’ says a lot, I think intuitively I knew more about what was going on in my life than I thought at the time.”

Tell us in the comments, is there any other Miley Cyrus song that you think was dedicated to her ex, Liam Hemsworth?

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