Miley Cyrus’s sister is revealed as a future music star

‘Wonder Boy’s Little Brother’ is the label that probably nobody wants to have in their life. However, the list of those who have experienced it is long, some examples of this are Elizabeth Olsen, Joaquin Phoenix and of course, Noah Cyrus, who became figures destined for perpetual shadow, but who managed to be reborn. In the case of the youngest of the Miley Cyrus family, it was recently revealed that she is leaving behind her adolescence marked by addictions and mental health disorders, to rise up as a fashion and music icon, such as S Moda points out on its website. The 23-year-old assures that she “just wanted to be a normal girl. In addition, it is known that she has never tried to hide the harsh childhood she experienced as the youngest of one of the best-known families in the Hollywood industry, not only because of the persecution of her sister, but also because of her parents Billy Ray and Tish.

Noah assured during an interview with Rolling Stone that “I had a really bad time with people coming up to me and saying, ‘Are you Miley Cyrus’ little sister?’ or ‘Are you Hannah Montana’s little sister?’ I didn’t like her because she stripped me of my own identity for a long time, ”he assured. It should be noted that, in his adolescence, he suffered from body dysmorphia, a disorder related to the perception that one has of one’s own physical image, as well as depression and anxiety. However, all this seems to be behind us, now that the young woman has captured the attention of the cameras, transformed into a centennial reference capable of capturing all the flashes.

Noah Cyrus rises as a music icon

The new celebrity, in addition to capturing attention for her eccentric and avant-garde looks, has emerged as a true music icon. It all started after plunging into the “darkest stage” of his short life. Noah, to treat anxiety and depression, began to take Xanax, a benzodiazepine that his girlfriend at the time was also taking and whose name he did not want to reveal. Encouraged by her partner, Cyrus became addicted at the age of 18. To the point of affecting her memory of her and not even remembering what day she lived on, in addition, she had suicidal thoughts. “I wanted to fit in with him. I wanted to be what he wanted and what he thought was cool, what he thought everyone else was doing (…) I felt for a moment that it was possible to silence everything for a second and numb my pain, to be able to say ‘It’s over’, he confessed .

However, when her maternal grandmother passed away, she realized her inability to mourn her family for being “gone”, and at the end of 2020 she began a rehabilitation process that culminated in the release of her album ‘The Hardest Part ‘, marking his future as a soloist. The album was qualified with a higher note than that of any other album released by its older sister by specialized critics.since it is his way of channeling the vital episodes that have marked his career.

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