Millie Bobby Brown confesses that Jake Bongiovi proposed to her with her mother’s engagement ring

Sometimes imagination makes us lovers of things we were not before. For example, how did we know as a child that we were going to be fans of vampires and werewolves? And we didn’t even know we’d be so ‘in’ mid story four friends from new york And we will live their adventures (both on and off screen) as if they were our own. Now is the time to focus on ‘Stranger Things’ and, in particular, on one of its heroes, Son of Eleven (or ‘Ones’ in its Spanish version) and her future husband, Jon Bon Jovi.

If their story as a couple struck us as sweet, his proposal stunned us (not because it made us feel bad, but because we didn’t expect it). Thus, a debate ensued on the age at which one should or should not marry (always, according to the moral laws of the ‘haters’). And it is that their relationship began in early 2022 and, a year and a half later, they announced that they would go to the altar with a beautiful image and the corresponding ring.

Now, the protagonist of the series, set in Hawkings, wants to reveal details about the ring with which actor Jake Bongiovi also asked for her hand. And without ‘spoiling’ too much, all we can say is that they didn’t have to do much for the jewels, or, at least, that’s what we think. The actress confessed to The Times that the ring belonged to her mother: “I’ve always liked that ring, it caught my attention (…), so my mom gave it to Jake.” In addition, he also told “I love that a piece of my mom will always be with me.”

“You can’t tell why, it’s just a feeling of knowing that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your time with. I think a lot of life is overthinking. The only thing All that mattered to me was.” (The Times)

a film story.

What do Millie Bobby Brown’s parents think of Jake?

In the interview, she also wanted to talk about her relationship with her fiancé’s parents and said “My parents like them a lot. (Jake and I) come from parents who’ve been together a long time. They were young when my parents came together, so I’ve always had Amazing role model.” On the other hand, he has also accepted this fact. Bongiovi’s parents “welcomed him with open arms”, Saying “I am so grateful to be in your family.”

Besides, Jake’s father (Jon Bon Jovi) already wanted to talk about Milly in an interview for ‘Andy Cohen Live’: “Millie is amazing. Her whole family is great”, Bon Jovi told Cohen. “Jake is very, very happy.” And finally, he wanted to address the issue of commitment at his young age: “I don’t know if age matters if you find the right partner and you move in together.”

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