Millie Bobby Brown embraces her imperfections and shows her acne on camera: an example of ‘body positive’ that her fans thank her

The ‘Stranger Things’ actress has published a video in front of her more than 60 million followers in which she shows her pimples as normal and how she treats her skin to eliminate them.

That the perfect body does not exist is a universal truth, but what undoubtedly does exist are a lot of aesthetic canons and absurd demands based on which many insecurities, discomfort and even serious health problems are generated. The culture of thebody positive’ It has a greater presence in society and among the younger generations and self-confidence and self-love contribute significantly to the decision of some famous people to break the barrier of “false beauty” and show themselves as they are to their followers .

In fact, more and more ‘celebrities’ dare to declare war on perfectionboth in terms of beauty standards and anything else related to lifestyle, posing without makeup, embracing their imperfections or talking about their insecurities as equals. A step that may seem easy but, if we admit that we all like to show the best of our photos, it is very valuable. It is brave, but mainly it is valuable, since it contributes to make visible and normalizeproves that there is not only one type of body and that also those people who we often consider perfect find imperfections.

‘Body positive’: without surgery, without waxing, or photoshop. Martina Cariddi, Kate Winslet and other actresses who succeeded in loving each other as they are

One of the last to do so has been the popular Millie Bobby Brown, the star of stranger thingswho these days has been in the news after being engaged to her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, at 19 years of age.

“Millie Bobby Brown engaged with 19 years and I died of disgust alone”: the actress of ‘Stranger Things’ gets married and has not left anyone indifferent

Also an actress of Enola Holmes and one of the most promising young performers of her generation is also an entrepreneur and in 2019 she launched her own brand of beauty and skin care products. An environmentally conscious brand called Florence by Mills in honor of her great-grandmother and a teen target that seeks to raise awareness of the importance of skin care.

And the actress has not hesitated to show herself as she is, showing her face without makeup, in one of her most recent posts on Instagram in March. In it she has promoted one of her products, yes, but also He has published a video before his more than 60 million followers in which he shows his pimples with total normality and acceptance while sharing his facial routine to eliminate them.

In the video, Millie Bobby Brown explains that she believes they are hormonal and explains the products she uses: a mud mask and acne patches. AND we love the vocabulary with which he addresses his pimples: “I’m going to put one of our stickers on this one who seems very angry with me to give him the love he needs,” he says, referring to the patches.

It is not the first time he has done it and, without a doubt, his actions, at 19 years old and as one of the most promising stars today, have enormous value for his followers, who have not hesitated to let him know in comments: “Thanks for normalizing the blemishes, Millie.”

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