Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Why Jon Bon Jovi Won’t Sing at Her Wedding Heart

Anyone who has been married or is going to be married knows how complicated it is to organize a wedding. There are a lot of details to close and a lot of expectations to meet. And yes, if the person getting married is an international star. millie bobby brownEven more so because the pressure is high.

Many people take for granted details such as who will provide the music at the celebration. bon jovi, for some reason his future father-in-law is the singer of the band. But it seems, none of that.

The actress has given the reason for this jon bon jovi This would not be such an important day for his son and him.

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,I feel like you’re asking me to go out and put on a play for everyone.He said in the program Today with Hoda and Jenna Where he had gone to present his first novel, nineteen steps,

There they talked about their wedding plans and clarified that Jon Bon Jovi would not be singing. ,i think the man needs a rest, it doesn’t stop! He is always giving tennis or singing lessons. “I think he needs a break, maybe a three-hour break!” he explained.

Her father-in-law doesn’t seem to be very involved, but her boyfriend is focused on the preparations: “He has helped a lot with the whole process. I’ve never felt alone on this topic, which is great., I’m always thinking, ‘Is this a good idea, is this a good idea?’ But ultimately, it’s a very intimate day for both of us and we’re both very excited.”

It was last April when the couple announced their engagement, two years after the beginning of their relationship. At just 19, the actress is ready to take this step, it’s reassuring Jake Bongiovi She is the greatest love of his life.

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