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One of the most awaited features by users arrives on WhatsApp. Soon the new application update that will allow greater customization.

New update for the instant messaging app (via screenshot)

Whatsapp it is certainly the most famous messaging application in the world. Indeed they are over 2 billion users active within the service of Half. Soon a new update will revolutionize the app and allow users more customization. I am coming to WhatsApp the personalized stickers. In fact, to date the “stickers” to be used in chat had to be made through the use of other apps, but soon this one function will become internal.

This means that users will soon be able to create and edit stickers within the application itself. You can then add a writing or another sticker until the image is cut or a emoji. Thus the app is strengthening its leadership position within the social giant Half. At the moment the update is only available for web version. But soon Meta will also add it for iOS and Android smartphones.

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WhatsApp, it will be possible to dictate a message: how to do it

The new tool coming to WhatsApp (via screenshot)

Almost all people in the world now use Whatsapp every day, with the application that allows everyone to text and call for free. Furthermore, its use becomes increasingly essential for everyday life. Users, every day, find more and more ways to simplify the use of colossus of Menlo Park. For example, a trick has popped up for write text messages by dictating them to the speech synthesizer.

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In fact, all users can use the synthesizer automatically installed inside the smartphone to dictate a written message. So just say on your cell phone: “Ok Google“. Then you will have to add: “Send a WhatsApp message to …”And finally proceed by dictating the message to be sent to that person. Alternatively you can use the application ‘Voice To Text‘, free for both App Store that for Play Store.

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