Mimi Lazzo advises Sofia Vergara to fight for her chihuahua

Mimi Lazo sparks a debate for her dignity as she advises Sofia Vergara to break up with Joe Manganiello forever and fight a chihuahua dog.

“What is happening to Toti makes me very angry,” Mimi Lazzo said in a video posted on her Instagram account. In response, her husband Luis Fernandez asked her who she was talking about, to which she replied that she was referring to Sofia Vergara “and Mangazon wants to take the chihuahua dog.”

It is important to remember that the famous Colombian actress is fighting with her former partner for the custody of their dog. It should be noted that Sofia’s divorce has been put on hold because both parties want custody of 10-year-old Bubbles, a Chihuahua dog who has been with the couple for several years.

“Fight Your Chihuahua”

“Sofía Vergara, listen to me carefully, I’m going to tell you plainly. Leave that Manganon and fight with your chihuahua. I won’t fight with my stuff and not look at yours,” Mimi offers her advice. to continue.

Without digressing too much, the “Voltia pa’ que te enmores” actress added: “Don’t go out with Tom Cruise, he’s a bad bed, a friend who lived with him told me so “.

Shortly thereafter, Lewis suggested that she waive that “minor detail” compared to the recent “billion dollars at the box office”, so she believes “focusing on that detail”. did not need to.

And it is that Mimi Lazo wanted to mention the news that the international media reviews, which is sure that Tom Cruise will be interested in Sofia.

The “Old Me” actress assures that the Colombian model deserves a handsome guy, “not that Mangazon.” Sophia, this is Mimi Lazzo. Leave Mangazon!”, he repeated.

Also in the video, Mimi’s husband also said that the ‘Dos Locas en Fuga’ actress has more money than Manganiello and he is the one who can try to take Sofia away from her. Lazo took advantage and remembered that the same thing had happened to him in one of his marriages. He added, “He even took my car.”

custody battle

The legal battle has now begun after it became known that Manganiello and Vergara would be divorcing after seven years of marriage due to “irreconcilable differences.”

In the midst of the divorce, it came to light that they would be fighting for custody of their dog. A source close to the cast mentioned that they have to resolve the quadruplet’s custody issue and Vergara wants things to be resolved amicably.

In November 2015, they agreed that in the event of a divorce, they would each keep their own property, since everything they owned was separate. It turned out that the Colombian had no intention of challenging the agreement, so she would only fight for the safety of the dog.

“Joe would never in a million years be separated from his dog Bubbles and Sofia is well aware of that,” a source told the Daily Mail. Happy, that’s why she’s giving custody of Joe.”

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