miMovistar revolutionizes its rates. This is the panorama of operators that offer 5G on the iPhone

Telefónica yesterday said goodbye to Movistar Fusión and hello to miMovistar, a complete change in its rates that aims to revolutionize the market. With these changes we ask ourselves how is the panorama of 5G rates for iPhone along with the rest of the operators that offer the service, to take full advantage of the latest iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 mini or its older brothers iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Let’s not forget what will come with the future iPhone 14 either. And the comparisons are most interesting for users of the Apple terminal.

miMovistar: this is the new Movistar offer for voice and data

The biggest novelty of the new miMovistar rates is that it abandons the rigidity of the Movistar Fusión packs. Now we have before us a modular system to which we can add the services we need. From mobile rates to football, through television and other services. Movistar Fusión customers can see if it is worth changing or staying as they are.

As a result, we have much more possibilities when configuring a personalized rate. Now the way to configure a rate is completely different, where the user chooses the services he wants. And adding each one to the final price of your rate. Some examples of how would a configuration with Fusion and the current miMovistar rates look like are the following:

mimovistar rates

  • Movistar Fusion Selection Plus Soccer, for 120 euros. The similar pack of Movistar Max 54.90 euros + Movistar + Essential 10 euros + All football 43 euros, comes out for 107.90 euros.
  • Basic pack of Fusion with TV, for 74 euros. Now you can have something similar with Movistar Max 54.90 euros + Movistar + Essential 10 euros, which comes out for 64.90 euros.

From what can be seen, there are interesting savings compared to the previous offer. But now, it’s time to see how this compares with 5G rates that interest us for the iPhone.

5G rates for iPhone in Spain with fiber and the change of miMovistar

iPhone 13

Apple users now have more options to have a 5G connection on the iPhone. With the change of miMovistar, this is the panorama of 5G rates in Spain. We have taken the cheapest rate in each operator, combined with fiber, to simplify and quickly know which are the most attractive options:



5G coverage


month price

my Movistar




Additional line for 0 euros and 5GB; without permanence






Additional line for 0 euros and 4GB; Essential TV pack included; permanence 1 year






Orange TV movies and series; permanence 1 year

55 euros





Additional lines from 3 euros

45 euros





Additional lines from 1 euro


It should be remembered that iPhones have a 5G connection starting with the iPhone 12. And that the iPhone SE 2022 also supports 5G networks. As we can see, there are five operators in Spain that offer 5G for the iPhone. The cheapest offer is that of MásMóvil, which offers a basic fiber of 300MB and 25GB of data.

miMovistar does not offer a mobile service without fiber, so its starting prices are higher than the competition

Compared to Yoigo’s, which is the next most affordable, MásMóvil offers 15GB more data per month, also does it for five euros less. Of the three big ones, miMovistar is the cheapest, although only slightly. Your data line is not unlimited and the fiber you offer is the slowest of the three. Of course, it is the only one that does not have permanence of any kind.

There is a setting on our iPhone to speed up (or slow down) the internet speed using mobile data

If you are interested in any of these services for have 5G on your iPhone, it should also be noted that some offer discounts during the first three, four or six months. So it is something to take into account before definitely opting for one or another operator.

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