Mindfulness: find well-being and freedom

Mindfulness is a term that may be familiar to many of us, but do we really know what it is and what it consists of? To bring the public closer to mindfulness, the Well and Will Academy, through ‘Tools for Life’, has launched an initiation program in this practice, which is a “fantastic and very powerful tool to find well-being”.

This is stated by Maribel Peribáñez, director of the San Sebastian academy and responsible for this incipient project that she herself has developed and teaches: «It is a great illusion because I have been practicing and training for years in mindfulness education and transpersonal therapy, areas that are becoming more and more popular. strength because of the indisputable benefits they bring to people”.

And what are the benefits that mindfulness brings us?

Starting from the brief definition that
Mindfulness consists of “full attention to the present moment”, Maribel explains that “through various practices and mechanisms of conscious attention, meditation, self-observation, etc. it is about entering one’s inner world, observing without judgment and in real time the thoughts and emotions as they arise; Through mindfulness, the ability to choose the focus of attention is trained, living a direct experience of reality, instead of entering into thoughts or ramblings that distort it. In this way the person has a direct and free experience of the present moment. All this allows us to travel the inner paths in a calm and peaceful way, and makes us less reactive to the circumstances that surround us».

“Mindfulness allows a transition towards experiencing life from a new perspective, taking a step towards well-being and freedom”

Maribel Peribanez

Director of Well and Will

It is a practice “supported by neuroscience”, whose studies reveal that “attention is key in life, because society lives most of its waking time in ‘automatic pilot’ mode, without noticing its interior, without question”. And in this context, mindfulness allows “to ‘click’ and make a transition towards experiencing life from a new perspective, taking a step towards the well-being and freedom that managing our own attention gives us.”

Mindfulness sessions for children and adults

The Well and Will mindfulness program is aimed at anyone over 8 years of age, although it will be developed in
differentiated sessions for children/adolescents and adultssince “the level of consciousness in each life cycle and phase is different and decisive in the practice of mindfulness,” says Maribel.

As for children, the mindfulness program will be launched together with the beginning of the next school year, that is, in the month of September, with weekly group work sessions lasting 45 minutes in which “the the body-mind connection will work, something already present in the child, through games and activities». The purpose is to provide these children over 8 years of age with mindfulness tools that “help them manage themselves, get along in life and better understand themselves and their environment.” The complete program will consist of eight sessions that “will require sustained attention work, being essential the practice that is done between sessions”.

“In our mindfulness sessions, formal practice is worked on, which includes various exercises and which is a good way to get to know and delve into this practice, which each person will then practice in their daily lives”

A philosophy that it shares with the program aimed at adults, although it includes some peculiarities. The
mindfulness sessions for adultswhich will be launched soon, will last about an hour and will be “more open, with the intention that people can try it and get started in formal practice.”

What does this mean? Maribel herself states that «
mindfulness consists of two elements: formal practice, that which is worked in a group, and daily practice. It is recommended to start with formal practice, which includes meditation, visualization, relaxation, breathing and body awareness exercises, among others, with which to gradually take possession of the capacity for attention and focus. That is precisely what will be worked on in these sessions, which “are a good way to get to know and delve into mindfulness, which each person will then practice in their daily lives. Because, although you can find a lot of material on the Internet to work on it, many people don’t know how to start and we offer that first approach and advice to discover it».

‘Tools for life’

Likewise, it is convenient to highlight that, as we have already mentioned, the starting point of this mindfulness project is part of the new path ‘Tools for life’ (tools for life) launched by Well and Will and that complements its offer of language training. A new path through which “we want to give our public tools to feel better, better able to manage life and, ultimately, be happier”, argues Maribel, and which includes activities such as the innovative program ‘Thinking Big’ or the informative and specialized online talks on various topics collected on its website ‘Tools for life’.

Anyone interested in the mindfulness program of ‘Tools for LIFE’ you can contact the academy to obtain more information about the calendar and the inscriptions.

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