Minecraft announces the Armadillo as the new mob winner of the vote

During the recent Minecraft Live, which took place in the last few hours, Mojang announced that theArmadillo will be there new mafia Upon reaching the game, the winner of the community vote during the event.

As per tradition, Mojang allowed users to vote between three possible new creatures to introduce to the world of Minecraft, with the elections recorded via the official website and the result then announced live during Minecraft Live, which featured the Armadillo as the winner.

El Armadillo, new Minecraft mobster
El Armadillo, new Minecraft mobster

He two other possibilities They were represented by the Crab, or a crab that lived in the swampy area and equipped with a huge claw that allowed the blocks to be moved remotely during construction, and by the Penguin, or a penguin endowed with mainly “social” but also practical skills. , such as the possibility of making ships go faster.

The Armadillo finally won, probably thanks to its particular abilities that represent something completely new in the world of Minecraft: the creature in question is capable of enclosing itself in a ball as in reality, but it is also capable of leaving the player. a kind of scale with which you can forge a new type of armor both for the character and for the tamed wolf.

This last feature is perhaps what pushed many to vote for the armadillo, which will therefore be added to the world of Minecraft with one of the next updates. The new mob will be found roaming the Savannah biome.

300 million copies and other figures

Minecraft: infographic about the objectives achieved
Minecraft: infographic about the objectives achieved

In addition, from Minecraft Live we also learned that Minecraft has exceeded 300 million copies sold, confirming itself as the best-selling video game of all time, along with a particular infographic with various statistics. From this we learn that 15 million skeletons were also killed, 8.8 million ice axes were built, 400,000 wolves were domesticated, 6.7 million diamonds were discovered and 0 Creeper smiles, despite everything.

Among other news, the return of Star Wars to the game was also announced with the upcoming arrival of the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC, which will arrive on November 7, 2023.

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