Minecraft image shows how massive the ending really is


  • The End is a vast, deep biome in Minecraft that players must explore to complete the game, but it can be difficult to access and navigate.
  • A Minecraft player shared a screenshot showing the immense size of The End, with only a small part of the central island visible due to technical limitations.
  • The player used a mod called Nvidium to help render and render his Minecraft world, but it is only available to PC players with Nvidia graphics cards.

TO Minecraft The player showed how vast and deep the area known simply as The End can be, and shared a sample of what they found on social media with other players. In response, others Minecraft Players shared stories of their efforts in The End and debated how vast The End was in their worlds.

True to its name, The End is the last biome to Minecraft Players will typically explore in a single-player survival archive and it is necessary to complete the game. Players who want to access this vast, dark biome must first find an End Portal by locating a Fortress. Once there, they must complete the portal by inserting up to 12 Eyes of Ender, which are made from materials that drop from killing Endermen in the wild, as well as Blazes in the Nether biome. Each Eye of Ender requires one Blaze Powder and one Ender Pearl. Once the Eyes of Ender are placed in the empty sockets, all that’s left to do is jump in and explore The End or face the Ender Dragon.

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But one Minecraft The player proved that exploring The End is easier said than done. While Ender Dragon is a challenge in itself, a Reddit user named FormerlyDuck shared a screenshot of how really fast The End can be on the r/minecraft subreddit. With the central island of The End in focus and three settlements located in the upper left corner, the OP showed that exploring The End’s version of their world would take quite a bit of time. However, the OP added that other parts of The End could not be fully rendered in the shot due to technical limitations. However, the central island appearing as only a small part of The End in the OP’s screenshot is a testament to the sheer size of the area.

In response, the OP clarified that they used a mod called Nvidium to help render and process them. Minecraft world, including The End. But true to its name, this mod will only work for PC gamers who have Nvidia graphics cards, particularly the Geforce GTX 16 series and the entire RTX line due to the technology those cards employ. In the comments of the r/minecraft post, others Minecraft Players chimed in with their stories of their time in The End and some shared tips on how to get around The End.

From building impressive bases to slaying the Ender Dragon in record time, Minecraft Players have a few options on what to do once they reach the End. Only time will tell what players will create next.

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