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There are numerous styles of coats because of this winter 2022 to choose from and finding one that not only fits you well, but is comfortable and in which you feel safe, can be a challenge. Everyone wants to enhance the body shape, but not everyone can understand what they need. Here is a mini guide to understand which coat is best suited to your silhouette.

Winter 2022 Body Shape coats

Winter 2022 coats for the Rectangle Body Shape

If you are lucky enough to have a shape of the rectangular body, congratulations because you can get away with wearing most styles of coats for it winter 2022. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow And Kiera Knightley they share your same straight structure.

rectangle coat

Who falls into this bodyshape has the opportunity to wear an oversized coat without any problems. A few tips: add shape to your figure with a fitted or flared cut or a belt at the waist. Or a double breasted closure will add width across the chest making the bust appear slightly larger.

everything you need to know about pear shapes

If you are in the shape of pear you will have wide hips and a smaller top half, you will also have an enviable waistline! The styling of this common body shape is based on the definition of the narrow waist and often this is achieved by using belts. Since you have wider hips and a fuller bottom, you don’t want to draw more attention to that area, so it’s all about balancing your upper half. Jenifer Lopez And Kim Kardashian they are the champions of the pear shape.

Winter 2022 coats

So know how to style your curvy shape when it comes to buying your next one coat following these rules: coats to three-quarters should be your go-to, they will give the illusion of longer legs which, in turn, will narrow your hips. Trench coats that sit above the knees are great for achieving this, plus they often have a built-in belt to tighten the waist. Carca for next winter a coat with room for your hips to move and also shoulder pads or wide lapels to add proportion to smaller shoulders.


Hourglass = narrow waist

This body shape focuses a lot on one slim waist and a bust that matches your hips measurements. In most cases, hourglass figures have a fuller bottom and bust that make the waist stand out on its own. Like Dita Von Teese, this body shape is also shared by celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Beyoncé and Brigitte Bardot. An obvious choice for the hourglass shape is a wrap coat or trench coat.

Winter 2022 coats

The belt on both styles will effortlessly attract your midsection and make you look tight. A trench coat naturally has a slight flare that will mimic your figure without looking bulky. Most forms a hourglass has a fuller bust but has rather narrow shoulders, then opt for hoods, faux fur collars, wide lapels or padded shoulders to keep everything in line.

All the coats for an “Apple” winter

Apple body shapes tend to have one full midsection and enviable legs. To balance this figure, you need to focus on elongating the bust and giving the illusion of a waistline. As an apple body shape, you will need a winter coat 2021 that really highlights your slender legs and fits your torso. Famous apple shapes include Angelina Jolie, Amy Schumer, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Drew Barrymore. Structured shapes are your new best friends, try a A-line coat and knee-length trench coat.

apple coat
The cropped styles will lengthen your legs which are your hallmark. Look for coats that sit at the hip or upper thigh. Open coats and ponchos will be flattering for women with the apple body shape. This shape will not fit your bust and show off your tight hips. Keep an eye out for flared models or coats with low pockets. Both of these features will achieve the same thing which is balancing the hips with the torso.

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