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julia roberts mini dress unexpected shoes

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    After premiering just a few weeks ago the comedy Journey to Paradise (2022), Julia Roberts is once again at the center of all media focus. She is one of the most beloved actresses on the international scene since she starred in beautiful woman in 1990 and is one of the benchmarks of beauty and fashion in the seventh art, as she recently demonstrated again by attending the 2022 edition of History Talks in Washington.

    As a participant in the talks given at this annual event, the interpreter wore a surprising and unexpected mini set of tweed with which he captured all eyes. At the event she was accompanied by other renowned speakers like his co-star and co-star in the latest film, George Clooneyhis partner, the lawyer Amal Clooney, and other personalities such as Malala Yousafzai, Pete Souza or George W. Bush.

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    julia roberts mini dress

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    On this occasion and showing off her loose wavy red hair, she chose an elegant blazer long black dress that was attached to her waist with double gold buttons and that she wore as a dress over shorts, also made of tweed. The piece marked her slender silhouette and emphasized her back by incorporating shoulder pads, one of the eighties trends that came back into fashion with force a couple of years ago.

    Nap blazer It especially caught the attention, the rest of the garments of the set finished elevating the outfit. under the jacket, Julia wore a simple turtleneck sweater, also black and, showing off her infinite legs, she showed us one of the most unexpected shoe models in her wardrobe. To break the monotony of the ensemble, starring the all blackthe actress put on some original bluchers with white heel finished in black tip. A bet of masculine inspiration and a choice as successful as it was unexpected that made it one of the fashion stars of the event’s red carpet.

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