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This Friday, March 11, at the Unified Command Post (PMU), the Ministry of Health reported that the home antigen tests for covid-19 will begin to be used soon in Colombia.

(‘Health companies must take care of their financial sustainability’).

These tests, which can be found in pharmacies and drugstores, detect people with the virus when they are most contagious, in order to isolate and avoid possible outbreaks of it.

Previously, only health professionals were authorized to carry out covid tests in the country. Therefore, the Health portfolio issued the new guidelines on the use of self-performing antigen tests.

(The mask business seeks its future in the face of less use).

In this sense, the tests may begin to be marketed as soon as they have the authorizations of the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance and, therefore, Only those that are endorsed by Invima itself can be sold.

Given this announcement, the president of FENALCO, Jaime Alberto Cabal, thanked the National Government for taking into account the proposal made by the merchants since January 2022.

(Seguros Sura will serve 140,000 SMEs in 2022).

“Finally, today the Ministry of Health announced the possibility of said commercialization, which will allow the use and free trade of these products, which will not only facilitate the rapid confirmation or ruling out of Covid cases, but also will contribute significantly to the family economy due to its low cost”, affirmed the spokesman for the merchants.

He also pointed out that this measure will help decongest health systems with cases of slight suspicion, and preventive results will be generated by the population.


– Better if the tests are used by symptomatic people.

– Must be done up to seven days after exposure.

– Faced with a negative result, there is no certainty of not being infected, so biosecurity measures must be maintained.


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