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The Ministry of the Interior released, through a press release, details related to what happened in the South County popular council of Santa Clara, province of Villa Clara, where agents of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) responded to the call of the population before a disturbance of public order as part of which the lives of two women who were inside a house were in danger.

The events occurred on the afternoon of Friday the 1st. July, when the two citizens were besieged by eight individuals of terrible social and moral behavior, who attacked the house with stones, carrying knives and hurling insults and threats at them, for personal reasons, indicates the Minint in the information on the matter, published in the local newspaper Vanguardia.

Realizing the presence of the authority, the subjects attacked the law enforcement officers with stones, one of whom one of the assailants tried to take his life by pounced on him with a chalk knife in one hand and a machete in the other, injuring him. on the forehead

Faced with the imminent danger to the life of the officer —the official note points out— his companions made use of the regulation weapon, in defense of his physical integrity.

In the unfortunate incident, the main aggressor died, characterized by violent behavior, with multiple criminal records.

During the performance, a citizen unrelated to the altercation was injured, who received immediate medical assistance.

The competent authorities develop a rigorous investigation for the total clarification of the fact.

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