Minute by minute: Miss Universe 2023

Follow live coverage of Miss Universe 2023 from El Salvador on Telemundo, minute by minute.

10:56 pm: Miss Nicaragua Shanice Palacios is the new Miss Universe of the 72nd edition. This is the first crown for the country.

10:55 PM- The second finalist of Miss Universe 2023 is Australia. Miss Nicaragua and Miss Thailand remain.

10:49PM- In her 71st edition, Miss Universe R’Bonnie Gabriel bid farewell to her reign with a parade and a message of strength.

10:36 PM- John Legend sang “All of Me” during the Miss Thailand, Miss Australia and Miss Nicaragua parades.

10:29PM- Nicaragua responds and the amphitheater falls. Come back soon to see video of the three reactions.

10:28 PM- Australia answers this question.

10:27 PM- Thailand answers the question that Miss Nicaragua and Miss Australia will also answer. “If you could live in any other woman’s shoes for a year, who would you choose?”

10:22PM- The reigning Miss Universe, Jakapong “Anne” Jakarjutatip, thanked El Salvador for an impeccable pageant and paid tribute to the country.

10:16 PM- Nicaragua in da House!!! A Latina reaches the top 3

10:15 PM- Australia reaches top 3

10:14 PM- Thailand reaches top 3

10:13PM- The five finalists answered their questions and we’re about to find out who makes it to the top 3.

10:06 PM- Miss Colombia answered your question. How will you live the last day of your life?

10:05PM- Miss Thailand answered her question and the audience responded with a standing ovation.

10:04PM- Miss Nicaragua comes out to choose her question to the applause of the public.

10:02PM- Miss Puerto Rico chose question number four. The question is what will change in the Miss Universe brand if she wins.

10:01PM- Miss Australia is the first woman to choose the question. Let me answer the question I asked you.

9:53PM- The Top 5 have been announced: Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Nicaragua, Miss Colombia, Thailand and Australia.

9:40PM- Top 10 parades in grand attire. Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Thailand and El Salvador received the most praise.

9:29PM- We return with Julia Gama’s interview with Melissa Flores, Miss Mexico, who thanks her country for its support.

9:20PM- The following countries appear in the top 10: Puerto Rico, Thailand, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Philippines, El Salvador, Venezuela, Australia, Spain.

9:04 PM- We already have the top 20 and they are:

  1. nicaragua
  2. spain
  3. Puerto Rico
  4. namibia
  5. Venezuela
  6. India
  7. Thailand
  8. chili
  9. Jamaica
  10. usa
  11. Nepal
  12. peru
  13. cameroon
  14. Colombia
  15. Pakistan
  16. Australia
  17. philippines
  18. portugal
  19. South Africa
  20. guard

8:55PM- The stadium falls when the representative of El Salvador passes the round and manages to place itself in the top 20

8:54PM- South Africa reaches top 20

8:53PM- Miss Portugal has become the first trans woman to reach the top 20 of the Miss Universe pageant.

8:52PM- Miss Philippines reaches top 20

8:51PM- Miss Australia reached top 20

8:50 pm Pakistan became the first woman to represent her country in this competition and the country reached the top 20 in her first participation.

8 pm- The 72nd edition of Miss Universe began live from El Salvador.

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