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Anastasia Lennawinner of the Miss Ukraine beauty pageant in 2015, was a trend on social networks after publishing some photos last week wearing military clothes and holding a war rifle.

The former Ukrainian beauty queen accompanied these images with the phrases “Together for Ukraine” and “Hands off Ukraine”, showing his support for the defense of the Ukrainian territory against the invasion of Russia.

However, given the rumors about his possible incorporation to battle against Russian soldiers in Ukraine, Anastasiia Lenna clarified that she did not join the Ukrainian army and posted these images to support his country.

“I’m not a military man, just a woman, just a normal human, just a person like all the people in my country,” the 31-year-old model shared on her Instagram account.

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Miss Ukraine 2015 highlighted that she can be seen armed in some photographs because she has been an Airsoft player for several yearssports activity that simulates a battle that is carried out with air weapons.

He also reported that the publication of these images responds to the need that exists for urge the people of Ukraine to defend their country and show that Ukrainian women are strong, powerful and self-confident.

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“I appreciate all the attention and support to my country, all the people in Ukraine fight every day against Russian aggression,” he reported.

Anastasiia Lenna also used this space to criticize Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine and accused Russian soldiers of killing hundreds of civilians since the invasion began.

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“The Ukrainian people are not to blame, none of us are to blame, we are on our land!” said the model.

This Wednesday will be a week since the Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered a military operation in Ukraine in order to invade their territory and it is estimated that the conflict will continue after both countries involved failed to reach an agreement to stop this situation.

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