Miss Universe 2023 | Jane Deepika Garrett, Miss Nepal, who challenges her plus size and suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome

Competition miss universe 2023 Marked a break with stereotypes, especially in relation to the old standard of beauty that was reduced to the measurement: 90-60-90, as one of its candidates was: Jane Deepika Garrett, representing Nepal.

“I love my curves! My body is my temple and I will take care of it like sacred ground. It’s time for change and change has come! Let’s represent beauty in life size in the world of beauty pageants! Let’s represent self-love, confidence in ourselves, who we are, as we are, and accept everyone as beautiful and worthy!” said the plus size woman. Instagram After her swimsuit parade, which went viral.

Miss Nepal in swimsuit

miss universe 2023

Jane Deepika Garrett and her philanthropic spirit

Miss Nepal, one of the most talked about candidates miss universe 2023The 22-year-old is a nurse and also part of an organization called Smile Train, whose mission is to help children with cleft lips and palates.

Working with children can be very rewarding and also painful when we see suffering in this world, but smile train It’s making a difference and that’s what matters. Now is the time to break down the stigmas that this world has placed on those who don’t fit in. We are all human beings, we are worthy of love and we are worthy of love and acceptance,” he said on the subject.

As part of her self-acceptance, Jen revealed on social media that she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which affects the changes that occur in her body.

“Women go through many different changes in their bodies. I am going through PCOS changes.”polycystic ovary syndrome, for its abbreviation in English) and that’s okay! It’s a time to celebrate the various changes in women’s bodies and embrace all our shapes and sizes. People come in such diversity and that’s what makes humans so unique and special,” he said before the competition. guard.

Miss Nepal Jane Deepika Garrett

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