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Tom Cruise does not stop working. It recently premiered Top Gun: Maverick, film in which he again plays Pete Mitchell, one of his iconic characters in his career. In addition to the aviator, without a doubt his most remembered role is that of Ethan Huntprotagonist of Mission Impossible, film that will hit the big screen with a seventh installment.

And although by now it is known that Mission Impossible: Death Sentence will premiere in July 2023 and that it will have a second part that will arrive a year later. And for the fans of this saga to get ready, the trailer for said production was finally revealed.

In the little more than two minutes of the trailer we were told that once again we will see Eugene Kittridgem director of the IMF, a character who had not appeared since 1996. Also, Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, must make a decision that could change his future as an agent.

ethan shall travel to Europe to be able to stop a terrorist attack, but he will also have to fight with his organization. This situation puts him between a “rock and a hard place” and he will have to choose between fighting for the common good or joining a plan to “control the truth”.

Mission Impossible It is characterized by being a film full of action and in its seventh part it could not be the exception. Scenes of Ethan Hunt jumping off a moving train are shown in the trailerquickly driving a car through narrow streets or falling off a cliff.

Among the actors who are part of the cast in addition to Tom Cruise are: Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson and Vanessa Kirby. We will also see Hayley Atwell, who joins the cast and Henry Czerny, an actor who again plays Eugene Kittridge.

Paramount has commented that the next film of Mission Impossible will arrive in the United States July 14, 2023 and for now it is unknown when it will be released in Mexico.


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