MisterBeast Vs. Elon Musk: Who’s right about X?

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is arguing with Elon Musk about moving his video to X.

Jimmy Donaldsonknown throughout the world as MisterBeastgave an answer to Elon Muskafter the tycoon invited him to publish his popular content on Xa platform owned by a businessman since the end of 2022.

He youtuber the most popular and profitable in the world with an audience 225 million subscribers, he was skeptical about financial viability move their products, which often cost millions of dollars, to a platform formerly known as Twitter.

According to the second annual list Forbes Top Creator Consisting of 50 of the biggest names in the business, MrBeast’s fan base is almost as large as US Population and his maintenance enabled him to earn a fortune which in 2023 amounted to a profit of more than $82 million.

The reach of MrBeast, as well as other popular video platform creators, has piqued the interest of Musk, who is seeking to attract them through an advertising revenue program and in the midst of advertiser crisis that X collides.

Musk’s platform offers a monetization system that has yet to convince major creators like MrBeast. (YouTube)

The exchange of messages between the popular content creator and the tycoon took place on the social network X, in which Donaldson 25 million subscribers and originally posted a tweet inviting him to watch his new YouTube video.

“I uploaded this, go watch it or I’ll kick you,” the influencer said in his post, prompting a reaction from a user who asked him to also post it on X. A request that Musk backed with a simple but powerful Yes.

In response, MrBeast explained that despite millions of views on his videos on the social network, they will not generate income return investment the multi-million dollar dollars that these productions require.

“My videos are worth millions and even if they got a billion views on X, I wouldn’t fund even a fraction,” said the famous YouTuber.

However, he was willing to consider using the platform once monetization was effective. “I’m ready to try something once monetization really works,” he concluded.

Creators are skeptical about the financial viability of porting their works to X. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine MisterBeast He assured that he is not interested in reducing the quality or budget of his products, as his goal is to continue to push the limits and create more and more massive and ambitious content.

This context poses a serious challenge for KSI which reported much lower revenue compared to YouTube.

For their part, X and Musk promised to improve conditions for creators on the platform through better distribution of advertising revenue.

At the launch of the monetization program, it was announced that the first package of payments amounted to 5 million dollarsalthough individual cases such as KSI demonstrate a different reality, suggesting that the platform has a long way to go before it can compete with giants like YouTube in terms of content monetization.

X is facing an advertiser crisis following a controversy involving Elon Musk. (EFE/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT)

The platform owned by Elon Musk has cut advertising revenue in $1.5 billion during a year 2023,

Despite the fact that the CEO is Linda Yaccarino, an advertising specialist, the presence of extremist content and controversy associated with Elon Musk negatively impacted X’s advertising revenue.

Musk He has been involved in additional controversies, such as supporting anti-Semitic theories and insulting responses to advertisers who refused to participate on the platform.

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