MLB: Due to this rule, Ronald Acuña Jr. would miss the 2023 World Baseball Classic | baseball 123

Frederlin Castro

In recent days it has been known the possible non-participation of Ronald Acuña Jr. in the World Baseball Classic with the Venezuelan team.

The Atlanta Braves do not agree with the participation of “The Beast” because the native is coming out of a ligament injury that kept him away from the Major Leagues for several months in the 2021 season. In addition, Atlanta protects itself with the World Cup event rules.

Under the rules for the most recent World Baseball Classic (2017), teams could ban players who suffered an injury, illness or condition that resulted in the following:

  • Spend 60 total days on the disabled list during the most recent MLB season, including at least 15 of the last 60 days of the season.
  • Being injured and missing two of your team’s last three games in the MLB regular season or if the club qualified for the postseason and missing two of the club’s last three games in the postseason final series .
  • Have undergone surgery during the MLB season or after the regular season or postseason and/or receive a recommendation from a licensed physician that the surgery should be performed during or after the regular season or postseason.
  • Being on the disabled list on the last day of August of the most recent MLB season.

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