Mob cut, the sexy and rejuvenating haircut that is sweeping this spring 2023

The good weather brings with it that the changes of look proliferate. After a whole season with hats and scarves, long hair is once again enjoying the outdoors and for that, nothing better than bet on a haircut with which to give it a new look. In addition to the most trending haircuts of the moment, which this spring are undoubtedly characterized by looks that add a lot of volume, there is a specific haircut whose effects have generated a brutal impact in hairdressers. It’s about the mob cut, the sexy and rejuvenating haircut that is sweeping this spring 2023 and that he has already conquered celebrities and influencers.

The first to bet this sexy and rejuvenating haircut It has been Zendaya herself, who has not hesitated to give up her XXL long hair to bet on a mob cut. The result cannot be more spectacular. A medium length, voluminous and full-bodied with which the actress and singer acquires a very sophisticated and glamorous air that is available to anyone.

That the mob cut is a very sexy haircut is more than obvious, that with it you can take years off your back, too. To the fall strands over the clavicle and be such a voluminous haircut the face is softened (ideal to subtract years), but it is not infantilized (perfect to be very sexy).

This is the bob haircut, the sexy and rejuvenating trend

The mob is a haircut that follows the classic shape of the long bob and is presented as a perfect hair style for those women looking for a very sexy and rejuvenating look. Like the long bob, the mob cut helps to frame the face and can be shaped according to the face of each person. The key is to wear it with rounded ends, like Zendaya does.

Also, and as with all haircuts, the mob cut can also present variations. In that sense, we can always bet on a mob cut in a layered version. A version that brings much more movement to the hair thanks to its invisible layers with which a much more casual touch is achieved, especially if you opt for waving or curling your hair (as is the case with Zendaya).

this haircut looks good on all ages and on most faces, since it rejuvenates a lot and adds volume and texture to the hair. We love it especially because it is an easy option to style and maintainIn addition, it is the most ideal haircut to mark a very sexy look (in the purest Zendaya style) this spring.

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