Mocha brunette is the hair color that will conquer you this fall

We love the fall glow. Hello, earthy terracotta blush, coppery eyeshadow Y lip liners with spices from the 90s. As for the hair, the brown one has been remixed once more and the mocha brown has become the main protagonist of the next season.

Of course, the brunette has experienced a lot over the past year, with various gradations of shade making waves. The expensive brunette, a bright, multi-dimensional shade with a healthier, more luxurious look. There is also the louisvuitton brown, that combines warmer caramel, amber and bronze tones (making it another perfect choice for fall). There is also the brown Cassette, a cold tone, almost black, that has conquered Lily James, Dua Lipa and Megan Fox. And also the Strawberry brown (seen on Kendall Jenner, Zendaya and Barbie Ferreira), which features a fruity infusion of red-pink and sits alongside the hugely popular copper and titanium tones that will be back in style next season.

But as far as current color changes go, the mocha brown is fashionable with HaileyBieber, Nicholas Peltz Y Jessica Alba adopting this tone in recent weeks.

What is mocha brown?

As for what to ask for in the salon, mocha brunette is a rich shade with warm and chocolate tones that reflect light beautifully for a very bright look: “This fall, we’ll see solid brunettes with a lot of shine taking the stage.” with the dark mocha tan,” confirms Shvonne Perkins, lead instructor at Madison Reed. “In terms of upkeep, deep browns are high maintenance and need shine and toning often,” says Shvonne.

The hair color can warm up winter complexions, but you may need to reevaluate your makeup bag with some extra bronzer (and those coppery and terracotta tones we’ve mentioned, along with rich berry and brown tones) to carry the intensity of the chocolate hue while your skin tone cools. I guess we’ll have to buy a new makeup (how hard).

Look at the celebrities who are from the mocha brunette team.

Nicola Peltz-Beckham

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