Model shows off C-section scar in Sports Illustrated


History was made! the iconic magazine Sports Illustrated decided to include in its edition of swimsuits the “first woman in magazine history” to show a caesarean section scar. This with the intention of normalizing the changes that occur in the body of women.

Kelly Hughes makes history

Kelly Hughesrecognized model He shared through his Instagram account the innovative project of which he was the protagonist. Later she also shared the headers of various media supporting its publication declaring that “This is to represent all women and moms.”

“I have no words and I am so honored to be in Sports illustrated Swimsuit (Swimsuit) 2022 like the FIRST woman to expose her C-section scar in magazine history. This collaboration with Frida Mom and Pay With Change serves to normalize and support changes in women’s bodiesespecially when becoming a mother is so wonderful,” the model declared on Instagram.

I’ve struggled with insecurities because of my scarbeing a model and my incredibly difficult recovery. But it wasn’t until I accepted my scar that I truly experienced the power that comes with it“. Kelly Hughes received a substantial amount of support due to this project.

Similarly, the model took advantage of your publication to thank the entire team that was part of this project. From her agent, photographers and of course Frida Mom, for her “incredible products” and motivation to support and accept all womenand their needs in the birthing process.

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