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Now that things are festive and we have a few days of not having to work, at least the bulk of ordinary mortals, our solidarity with the rest, it seems like a good idea to spend some time watching a movie that can be intriguing and fun, to watch alone or well (or badly) accompanied by family and/or friends.

The project is by Kenneth Branagh, a real figurehead on stage and direction (he develops both facets in the film, starring in it and also at the controls behind the camera), and without being one of his illustrious and exclusive delicatessen proposals, rather one of those blockbusters that allow you to save money to invest in more… personal projects, it is the necessary updated vision of a great classic: nothing less than death on the nile, the popular novel by Agatha Christie, of that cinema that is no longer made and should never stop being made. Anyone who has seen the original films of the Belgian researcher Hercule Poirot will be happy to review this one with a new air without losing the aftertaste, both details, factors in his favor. Those whose generation has not crossed paths with Agatha Christie, are already taking time to discover and enjoy it in the cinema (or in this case, on television if they missed its premiere, now by Disney on its streaming platform).

In 1937 the completely timeless novel was published that Branagh turns into a film version with solvency, interest for the viewer, and excess of conventionalism. It is not the most surprising work of the author or the filmmaker, but there is always a certain value in the case of murder, deductive investigation and a reduced casting of suspects who live together in a closed space.

As a plot pretext for the case that the sagacious Poirot will have to solve, we will be placed aboard a luxurious steamboat in the glamorous vacations of the detective, accompanied by a motley group who are, all of them and at least, suspected of not being what they are. that they appear Of course, there will be murder on board and adventure will be served on a silver platter at tea time…

We can affirm that despite the fact that the story does not have the vitola of its predecessor in the hands of Branagh (Murder on the Orient Express, 2017), he has paradoxically shaped a better proposal as a film, more solid in its development and placing himself with greater ease and comfort in the role of the protagonist, apparently enjoying the film as a whole much more and showing that the character has traveled yet. It is an ideal format for condensing a good story in just two recommended hours, so that it reaches many people at the same time, which is ultimately the magic of cinema, but allow me the audacity to recommend the novel read calmly and alone for greater enjoyment of Agatha Christie. One thing is not at odds with the other and a good book, in the format you want, but if you can on paper, better, it is an experience that the society of haste and technology should not give up.


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