Modern Warfare 3 criticized by a former Valve scriptwriter: “It’s disgusting”

It certainly wasn’t an easy debut. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3the latest chapter in Activision’s shooting saga, given the decidedly less than excellent quality of the campaign and a development that seemed too rushed.

The latest episode of the saga (which you can find on Amazon) is also the first to be released after the acquisition of the Xbox group, although it was evidently already in development before Microsoft could really influence the outcome.

As we told you in the dedicated review, this is yet another demonstration of a brand that desperately needs to cut ties with its past, with a past that is tired and vapid propagandist.

A thought, this last one, also shared by Chet Faliszekscreenwriter responsible for some of the biggest hits of Valvelike the episodes of Half-Life 2, Portal AND Left 4 DeadThat He didn’t have any kind words for the developers. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

As reported by PCGamesNWhat raised the ire of the former Valve man was a particular quote visible after a death, considered decidedly inappropriate: in fact, it is inserted a reference to Rosa Parksthe famous civil rights activist known for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white man.

And in this case it is used, therefore, to promote scenes of violence: an attitude that, understandably, Faliszek didn’t like it very much.

“I played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 this weekend, in single player, and I’m shooting people in the face.

Then I couldn’t do it as well and I died. And I received this quote from famous military supporter Pink Parks».

Obviously, the former screenwriter is ironic by calling her a military supporter, but the former developer then showed the phrase in question, explaining why he found this choice in bad taste:

«Dear team of obligations, I understand. Thought: “She has a great quote, she is a civil rights activist, we will pay more attention to her.“.

No. This is exploitation. This is unpleasant. Rosa Parks has nothing to do with this nonsense about shooting people in the face. Don’t include it as a quote during deaths. “Don’t just do it.”

In fact, this is a really questionable choice: we are sure that examples could have been chosen more appropriate to the context of the game, instead of reaching almost to glorify war with quotes from those who really fought to improve everyone’s lives.

We just have to wait and see if Faliszek’s appeal is heard and if, eventually, Activision will choose to replace this quote with something more appropriate.

In any case, this is just one of the many problems of Modern Warfare 3: the Metacritic average seems to confirm that this is the worst episode in history obligations.

And if we take into account that, based on rumors and journalistic reports, the development was rushed because it was supposed to be a DLC, everything starts to make a lot of sense.

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