Molina drops a bomb on Messi, Mbappé not spared?

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Several months ago, Romain Molina announced in a video on Youtube that he was going to reveal a corruption case affecting PSG, which would make the OM / VA affair look like a pleasant joke. While waiting for this moment eagerly awaited by all supporters of clubs who are victims of financial doping, the investigative journalist dropped a small bombshell during an interview for the Blast media on Tuesday. It is about financial benefits granted by Qatar to Parisian stars and which serve as additional income.

Asked about the salary that Mbappé would now receive at PSG, Molina replied that he did not know exactly because there is what is declared in France and which is paid in Qatar. According to him, Lionel Messi thus received 200 M€ to engage with Paris last summer! And Mbappé will necessarily be in the same waters, he who would have received “a golden bridge, it’s indecent”, according to Molina, who specifies that the player has also been under pressure, in particular from the political world. . With such figures, we understand better, in any case, why Neymar ended up extending, as well as the world champion …

to summarize

During an interview with Blast media, the investigative journalist revealed that Qatar paid additional salaries to PSG stars, including Lionel Messi. According to him, Kylian Mbappé would not be an exception to the rule.

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