Mollusco reacts to the video about his son

Jorge Pabón “Molusco” reacted tonight after a video of his son, Ocean Pabón, went viral on social networks.

Through his YouTube channel, Molusco TV, the announcer indicated that the event has been a “hard blow” for his family, but, he assured, “we are working with the situation.”

My family and I are fine in everything. A hard blow, complicated, very complicated, but I want to thank each one of you for your messages that you have sent me. Here I have been able to identify many people even within the same urban music industry, who really care about you and who are simply for the business”, expressed the producer of the radio program Mollusco y los reyes de la punta (La Mega FM) in a leisurely manner.

“He didn’t do well, but that the viral video has gone, speaks worse of the person who made it viral. But we are fine, we are working with the situation, ”she reflected.

In the 31-minute post, Mollusco sent a strong message to people “who are having a party with this video.”

“Enjoy, celebrate, I think it speaks more about you than you can possibly speak about my own son or me. I have been very direct with this and I will continue to be. Destroy my horses, if you want, when I stop at a gas station, yell at me whatever you want, yell at me whatever the hell comes out of you. Leave my son still, leave him still, relax. We will now work with this situation. destroy me, tear me to piecesbecause at the end of the day the only situation that I see here and the only reality for which many celebrate is because of me, because of many of my actions in the past, because of many bad decisions that I made in my life, because of many opinions that I said through this microphone that many of you never agreed, That’s not why my son has to pay for the things I did”.

Watch the video posted on the Mollusk channel:

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