“Mon Dieu, elle est douée” This actor from “Beetlejuice 2” played by Tim Burton charmed Jenna Ortega. Actress Mercredi on Netflix l’a épaté

culture News “Mon Dieu, elle est douée” This actor from “Beetlejuice 2” played by Tim Burton charmed Jenna Ortega. Actress Mercredi in a Netflix episode


Obviously, the latest Beetlejuice movie has a lot of actors, as well as Michael Keaton, who was fooled by the talent of his co-star Jenna Ortega.

Michael Keaton, Jenna Ortega’s co-star in the new film “Beetlejuice,” doesn’t do much for his co-star without making an overtly impressive impression. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor evokes a “special look,” adding on the occasion of the meme:

Oh, she’s douee, she’s tout ce qu’il faut, you know? Ella a ton. He has arrived, and the entire suite is in good shape and sparkles, as it always does. These are special clothes.

The compliment comes from the words of Tim Burton, the creator of the saga, who also called Ortega a “special” talent.

"Mon Dieu, elle est douée" This is the actor from Tim Burton's Beetlejuice 2 with Jenna Ortega.  Actress Mercredi in a Netflix episode

In croire les propos de Keaton, l’ambiance était particulièrement chaleureuse sur le plato. “I do not think that our unions are le faire and je ne voulais pas le faire, à plusieurs reprises au cours des dernières années, mais c’était plus amusant que l’autre“, and etc.: “Tim a été vraiment, vraiment génial – il est revenu dans sa Zone de Comfort.” Je pouvais voir qu’il s’amusait. Ce qui est vraiment contavidious quand on est entouré de ce genre de persona”“. The son of a cat, Jenna Ortega also trusts journalists from Europe, talks about hardships and fun. “I’ve never had anything on the tourist plateau.”

The return of Tim Burton’s legendary saga

On March 21, Warner Bros. released the premiere trailer for Beetlejuice 2, which captured the magic of Santa by offering, among other things, a joyful orchestral reprise of the Banana Boat chanson, delighting audiences during the premiere hour.. Beetlejuice is performed by Michael Keaton today. The original casting is complemented by confirmed stars such as Monica Bellucci, Willem Dafoe and Jenna Ortega. which are very much surrounded on the plateau by the presence of Burton, as well as director of photography Haris Zambarloukos (“Orient Express Crime”), as well as scenes by Gough and Millar and Seth Grahame-Smith (“The Lego Batman Movie”).

After a terrible tragedy, the Dietz family rushed to Winter River. Toujours hantée par le souvenir from Beetlejuice, Lydia voit sa vie bouleversée lorsque with the girl Astrid, a rebellious teenager, has an accident and ends up in après-vie. Alors que le chaos plane sur les deux mondes, ce n’est qu’une questions de temps avant quelqu’un ne prononce le nom de Beetlejuice trois fois et que ce ce démon Farceur ne revienne semer la paganille… – Warner Bros. Pictures

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