Mon Laferte debuts as a mother, presents her baby through networks

Mon Laferte has just shared one of the most tender and beautiful photographs, since through a publication on her social networks, today, February 20, she presented her little JoelI can’t with such tenderness and love, we can’t imagine the happiness of the singer.

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Mon Laferte is one of the most prominent music artists, who a few hours ago appeared with her little Joel in her arms and presented him with a strong message about motherhood, she decided to show the arrival of her little one without filters.

Message in which he explained how happy he is with him birth of Joel, but also the difficulty of being a first-time mother, since such a small being needs a lot of care, and the fact is that photography can reflect a tiredness combined with a lot of happiness.

These were his words

I wanted to get ready and upload a photo with my baby Joel, but it’s impossible! He needs his mom 24/7 so this is me, in new mom mode, disheveled and sleepy, but I’ve never felt happier in my life! I don’t know how some moms manage to look neat, the other day he hadn’t realized that he was only wearing one shoe and bras. With my partner we are giving everything and still we don’t have time, this stage is beautiful, it is very demanding, but definitely beautiful and I am the happiest on the planet! I’M A MOM!!!!

Mon Laferte Many times she was criticized for being in favor of abortion and at the same time waiting for her baby, but what many people do not understand is that she is the example of a wanted pregnancy, in which that tiny being will be loved and will have a good life. quality of life.

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His followers immediately did not hesitate to comment on this photograph, sending him many messages of love and filling the section with hearts. We already have a new Mon Laferte, which has been released as a mother and presented to her baby, I love seeing her so happy.

Joel’s birth was one of the most anticipated this year, and only Evaluna’s is missing. So far these are the only news that the singer has shared about the arrival of her little one, although we do not doubt that in the coming days she will publish more beautiful moments.

Mon Laferte was one of the artists who appeared at different events highlighting her beautiful belly, an action highly criticized by many people, but applauded by others, always being so authentic and without caring about the disastrous criticism of others.

We will continue to be on the lookout for more news that the singer shares on her social networks, we are eager to learn more about her little boy, although he is sure to be just as beautiful as her, a tender photograph to end this Sunday, February 20, congratulations to the new mother .

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