Monica Bellucci, Italian actress who conquered Hollywood for her unique beauty

Monica Bellucci is the most important Italian film actress in HollywoodOne of the most admired by the public for her great talent and eccentric beauty as well as her personality.

your way of thinking and maturity They have been instrumental in achieving the fame and recognition that he currently enjoys, as it has guided him to become a legend.

Monica Bellucci’s unique beauty and personality

Anyone who has heard of her cannot deny her beauty. tim burton’s girlfriend She is quite a fashion icon, but what is most amazing is her magnetic and charming personality.

Although in recent times she has established herself as an actress Bellucci She was classified as a sex symbol For the amazing body and tremendous beauty of her time. However, she knew how to overcome being a “sexy girl” and become a woman. film legendThanks to his good judgment in choosing the projects in which he participated.

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Even in many of these appearances it seems that time does not pass her by and she looks better and better. For example, when she turned 50, she proved that her beauty is eternal with her role as a girl deeply concerned with daniel craig 007: Specter,

This also ‘Hollywood Muse’ She accepts and embraces how her body evolves over time, which is reflected in both her looks and the roles she plays.



“Not only do they offer me more interesting projects in which I can play both grandmothers and femme fatales; Plus, I feel better about myself. He once told Esquire, “I look at things from a greater distance than I did at 30, and I love seeing how my body evolves.”

Part of her secret to remaining one of the most attractive people in the world lies in the fact that she doesn’t deny her beauty and she knows it’s short-lived, so she works to find something more inside herself. Continues.

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Monica Bellucci believes beauty lasts a short time

Instagram @monicabellucciofficiel

“Beauty lasts only five minutes. If you are beautiful and there is nothing behind you, that beauty is not going to last. “I keep working so I hope there’s more to it than just my beauty.”

Monica Bellucci for Esquire

Similarly, the interpreter of Mary Magdalene passion of Christ It believes that beauty in youth “depends only on genetics” and that this turns into wisdom as one grows up.

What really makes people sexy when they reach maturity is the amount of experiences they have gone through and survived. The rest is irrelevant,” he assured the above medium.

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